The Way: Be Free

This is a blog I am writing to document my learning on the ways of fighting free radical damage specifically in the area of the mind. Having no formal medical training I am simply using information available to us all. In so doing I hope to further the advancement in the ways of prevention for free radical diseases such as Alzheimer’s Disease (AD).

A bit of my story. Memory science has always peaked my interest. Back in the eighties when very little was known about Alzheimer’s type dementia it was fascinating to me what Joan Minnenger had to say about the disease in her 1984 book Total Recall (one of the most popular books on memory of the time). She identified a loss of the substance choline from the brain in AD patients, many years before it was known for certain that the real effect of AD is to erode the very acetylcholine that is essential for neuron functioning.

In 2002 my father died with an acute form of AD, brought on by trauma to his brain.  The last time I saw him was 2001 at his care facility in San Bernadino, a long trip from my home in Northern Sonoma County. At this time my interest again was active in studying AD. Particularly because this acute form my dad suffered from is yet another realm of unknown within the AD spectrum. Still today there isn’t a clear understanding of how trauma affects the brain differently than non-trauma AD cases.

Now my mother is suffering from the Late Onset form of AD (LOAD) and I am her caretaker. My interest is reinvigorated to the max – so much so I need a place to write down what I’m learning – that’s where this blog comes in. With the hope that others may appreciate my task.

My mission is akin to many others certainly- although I do believe my task is limited by a force greater than Nature. Many people who encounter AD do so when their intellect has failed to the extent of eliminating their rational for understanding it. Perhaps this is by subconscious choice in some cases. My mom is a farm girl born and bred with a stubbornness that belongs in Ireland; though she’s not Irish she’s the most strong willed person I know.

What this means for her, taking pills, is so unreliable a way to medicate that it has to be basically ruled out. There’s no way to convince her that a daily regiment is necessary, nor will she take them on anybodies (including doctors) say so. She takes what she wants to take of normal good vitamins and supplements, I might get in one or two of what she really needs beyond that, but no more. Those are the parameters I have to work within. The ironic thing is that my mother has always had the ability to eat: anything. Raising five kids will do that to you apparently. So you will see on this blog how I have crafted food as her medication. It isn’t the most complete – but it is The Way – that makes it the best and it is effective.

I am a believer in Natural plant based medications only for this disease, all the best remedies for AD come from Nature. More than just a metaphor, on this blog you will find that flower power has a keen healing role against AD.

The pharmaceutical industry is so corrupt it cannot help many really. But in this case specifically you will see example of example of cases where drugs are being debunked (after billions in sales). Generic forms coming out at ten times the original strength to a massive protest from many consumer groups (because the side-effects from even the original dosage have not been completely identified). So if you feel like me that BigPharma can go take a flying leap and you want a totally alternative way to care for a person with AD, read on.

Most of you reading this know my mother Linda, you may know that her story has been fraught with loss, loss she’d just assume forget. There’s plenty of reasons in that loss, along with the technical reasons, for AD. She is not reading this beyond what I might show her of it.

I truly encourage people to add comments, if you do leave me a comment with a message to give to her I will, or if you want to make contact with her I will email you and try to arrange that as she doesn’t drive. I am a big believer in the concept in Zen Buddhism known as The Way, every post I put up here has some spiritual significances. You will get many opinions, many heartfelt pleas and a lot of Natural Medicine.

Please note as of March 2013 Linda’s phone has been disconnected. The number is now mine which is listed, otherwise just leave a comment below and I will email it to you.  Let me know ahead of time and I can likely make it happen.

The Way: Magic Bullet Toothjuice

This is what Linda needed, a one shot concoction powerful enough to kill the tenacious S. mutans. I like to call this bacteria “mutants” as that’s very much their nature, a highly adaptive, illusive, hard to kill species. For example, in response to a manual toothbrush they can smooth themselves down against the tooth making it impossible to really get them out. Even with an electric it’s difficult, but the oscillation of the heads (they don’t spin continuously around) is fairly effective in prying them up off the teeth, especially when using something akin to coconut oil.

Something I’ve discovered recently involves the use of two products you would normally think would be food for the bacteria: honey and salt (Himalayan). However, when used in combo with coconut oil they act to highlight the bacteria, drawing them out to try to take the sugar and salt, at which point they are vulnerable to the slice of a blade for instance, or an electric toothbrush.

Yesterday however was a whole new revelation. I’ve gathered knowledge recently in many ways. Once on the way home had some plaque wedged in between a wisdom tooth and back molar that was killing me, and no remedies on board. I found a big stand of rosemary and got some tough stems to scrape in between the teeth, that did a lot of good, and I will use this same applicator on Linda. From a book Dental Herbalism I have picked up a host more herbal and spice remedies to make my “toothjuice.” Too many to list but the highlights being rosemary, neem, echinacae, slippery elm and turmeric, in a coconut oil base, with traces of honey and salt. Adding a few spices mentioned in the Healing Spices book, all in all, it’s a delicious mix, it’s perfectly edible, and the deadliest thing I’ve ever used against bacteria. It literally melts plaque–dissolving the bacteria. Not even flouride does that, it kills the bacteria but leaves them stuck in there, then the dentist pulls it out in chunks. I have a lot of theories on why this isn’t the right way to do it but I’ll just explore one here.

In societies where oil pulling is common, the dentist is rarely needed. Oil pulling cleans the teeth so thoroughly on a daily basis, the combination of that and an electric toothbrush is enough to defeat the bacteria. I add the blade simply because at times it’s much faster and also the most deadly weapon I’ve ever used at getting that bacteria out. I dearly love that blade, so much so she has a name, Charlize, or Charlie. The ability to sterilize the steel with flame–as well as the precision killing ability–are the reasons I trust that method over any other. Understand the blade is never actually cutting on the tooth, but rather separating the bacteria from the tooth, killing them. The design of the throwing blade is not to actually be sharp on the edges, and the point is well rounded, I keep her just sharp enough to engage the bacteria, but not enough to scrape enamel.

The blade work is paused for Linda right now, it was really in emergency that I went in to try–succeeding–halting two cavities on two of her back molars on the right side. They were stopped in their growing by a vigorous solution and some engagement with the blade.

OK so onto what’s going on with Linda. Well last night was the first time since the initial blade work I tried to do anything, really just searching for a solution. Once this concoction was made I got Linda to rinse with it. I noticed the back two cavities were looking better, stopped in their progress and regressing a bit. However a new one was starting to form between her front teeth. Amazingly, in just a single rinse, that cavity was vanquished, all that was left this morning was the buildup of plaque. I got her to rinse again and even got the toothbrush in to get rid of more plaque. I plan to do this every morning now, as the taste of the stuff is so delicious she’s not adverse to it at all.

In terms of the cavities she’s got my plan is to use the rinses to keep them at bay and the brush to edge them back. With this toothjuice there is visible regression every time. At the point where they get down far enough I will go in with the blade for the final removal. Bacteria know they can’t defeat steel, that can’t be said about nylon or plastic bristles, and as I mentioned, they can adapt to anything they can best. Without the oil pulling, or something to loosen the bacteria, no toothbrush is really enough. Once all the bacteria have been killed, any filling necessary will be done the way Humans have done it for millenniums: with bees wax.

Indeed many bee products are great for the teeth, so let’s hear it, and protect, for the bees! Get Monsanto’s poison off this planet! While I’m advocating solutions consider supporting this operation by buying some of this toothjuice which I do plan to start bottling, as it really is a better way, and yes, you use it as toothpaste, I’m working on getting it thicker into a paste.

The Way: without the dentist

Dentists, by and large in my experience, are a waste of time, I do it myself with a blade I’ve had since I was 14.

Of late I’ve added oil pulling and this is such a revelation there’s no question coconut oil is a huge boon to the teeth. Honey – with it’s antibacterial properties – also found can be used as a kind of sterile shield for the blade in spaces where cavities are present. Along with the coconut oil, neem oil in trace amounts also suspended in coconut, cinnamon and tea tree oil. This is highly effective, it really works in that it turns into a kind of jelly that will stick to the teeth, continuing to do it’s work long after initial application.

With Linda who has cavities there will be much more of that kind of application than actual blade work. Little bits at a time – that way the tooth will stay sterile – over time coconut oil can heal the wounds cavities make through oil pulling. So my theory is by applying coconut oil and honey plus sterilizing and antibacterial oils it can increase the healing time, I’m just about certain it will as the jelly will kill and sterilize quite rapidly, even more effectively than pure oil.

As Alex has expressed skepticism at the methodology proposed let me explain that part more clearly. First read this about what oil pulling can do. So understand that, over the length of time, swishing the oil in the mouth will just keep eroding more and more of the piled up bacteria forming a cavity until it’s gone. Linda will not do oil pulling, there’s no way to convince her to keep that much oil in her mouth for 15-20 mins.

However, a blade covered with honey and coconut oil attracts the same kind of bacteria, little bits at a time it will be removed and the other oils will keep the teeth sterile. It’s not about cutting anything, this blade was originally a throwing blade that I’ve since found to be the best tooth cleaning tool there could ever be, I’ve mastered the process with my own teeth and am very confident with it. It’s about being able to take out the bacteria without actually scraping the teeth.

Understand also that Linda is perfectly willing to let this bacteria go until it could well be fatal – I am not – furthermore it has been absolutely torturous to wrestle with this issue given that notion. I struggled through every step of deciding how to do this and more than once just broke down at her unwillingness to do anything about it. Please respect that.

I will keep chronicling the process here.

Onto the subject matter. We’re dealing with surface cavities here, 2 on the back molars of the right lower quadrant. However neither has a strong hold on the respective teeth. They have accumulated enough to be black but they have not penetrated the teeth yet. That was close to happening however and if it had I would not be so aggressive in going after them as that is a case where the tooth is basically either pulled or root canalled and crowned for a ridiculous amount of money. I know I’ve had it done – only after the dentist left a dead nerve in my front tooth that was broken by a baseball – excruciatingly painful for 6 months.

As the article linked above on realfarmacy mentions it is entirely possible to remove the surface material of a cavity and allow the tooth to heal itself. Linda definitely is getting the nutrition to do this, additionally no white sugars and little salt. But she won’t brush her teeth properly as most people don’t. Just running a manual toothbrush round in your mouth is doing nothing but spreading bacteria round, it’s not removing anything except the food bits. Bacteria has already extracted what it needs from that food.

The Way: AD Noise Pollution

There is an extremely harmful problem occurring in my community, affecting many around us and all the way onto the Seaview ridge: extremely loud target shooting, high caliber weapons, and compound explosives. It is so loud that while running a chainsaw with earplugs at a neighbor of theirs the sound of the gunfire startled me. They are doing this every weekend, both days, many hours at a time. About the health effects of such the WHO says:

Greater annoyance has been observed when noise is of low frequency, is accompanied by vibrations that contain low-frequency components, or when it contains impulses such as the noise of gunshots.

The results of annoyance are privately felt dissatisfaction, publicly expressed complaints to authorities (although underreporting is probably significant), and the adverse health effects already noted. Given that annoyance can connote more than slight irritation, it describes a significant degradation in the quality of life, which corresponds to degradation in health and well-being. In this regard, it is important to note that annoyance does not abate over time despite continuing exposure to noise.

We have a collection of bad actors that have taken up a firing practice every weekend, both days within a half mile of us, connected by a canyon that carries sound clearly. They have no regard for others around, even their own dogs. A neighbor of theirs told me the sound was loud enough to scare their dogs away onto the neighbors place.

There is a great anger in me over this issue as it directly, negatively effects Linda. She has a hard time simply going outside without suffering delusions about “bad people,” mainly “in the trees.” If all is peaceful I can usually coax her out of such delusions and she can just enjoy the weather. This last weekend – the first time the shooting was over both days – Linda cannot even be out on the porch while it’s going on. She hears the shots and immediately retreats into a hyper-delusional state of negativity.

The law that’s closest to affecting this issue is the Fish and Game code:

It is unlawful for any person, other than the owner, person in possession of the premises, or a person having the express permission of the owner or person in possession of the premises, to hunt or to discharge while hunting, any firearm or other deadly weapon within 150 yards of any occupied dwelling house, residence, or other building or any barn or other outbuilding used in connection therewith. The 150-yard area is a “safety zone.”

That law assumes people are hunting, this is not the noise of hunters which is really quite benign. These people are scaring every wild animal within 5 miles, adversely affecting every living creature that suffers the sound. Being a marksman myself I know that shooting the way they are, rapid fire, semi-auto guns, is not about honing skill, it’s about making that noise and substituting cowardice for machismo. Moreover they are blowing up a compound explosive called Tannerite, a legal substance to purchase but a felony to combine into the explosive.

There should be more laws on the books than there are governing this. Even though the Sheriff disdains this activity, he is powerless. I was told by the previous Sheriff in our area that at a certain family wedding, connected to this group of shooters, a plastic explosive was set off, illegally. This is a careless, reckless, bunch of narcissists. You could not do this to as many people as they are and be anything else but an uncaring jerk.

We will not stand for this, my family will stop this madness, which has never been in my community. My anger knows no bound–this a fight to gain justice for all creatures. I am looking for people to get on board with us. There are some willing to take up arms, I am not, but every other means of influence will be used. Contact me here or through email. Thanks.

Update post a conversation with the Sheriff: a small claims lawsuit over “disturbing the peace” is looking like the best approach to solving this problem. Linda’s reaction mentioned above was witnessed by a house guest at the time who bore the brunt of the aggressive delusions Linda suffered. That person is willing to testify to that negative reaction and detail how sharp the change in behavior it was.

Finally, look for updates here on the issue, feel free to comment, and thank you for reading this.

Update, Monday August 3: Last weekend there was no shooting, thankfully. In that this issue has immediate repercussions with Linda the potential for this activity to continue is palpable and troublesome, the inconsideration of just how many are people adversely affected by that noise is abhorrent. Veterans of wars, autistic or other mentally disabled people suffer greatly, two such persons are our neighbors, permanent residents. As such, if and when this continues my action will be swift with the audio recording equipment. If we can show that the noise is affecting people in at minimum a 2 mile square radius there will be ample evidence to show the disruption of the peace. Let me just be clear that my anger has not subsided – in that my gut feeling is this was just an attempt to let the issue die down – before the next barrage begins I will double my efforts to stop it by any means. So for anyone reading this who has done something about it, thank you, and for anyone who can and will, again thank you. Knowledge is power in this case too however, I have heard positive feedback from several who became aware of the issue from this post.

Sat Aug 8: there were shots fired today sounded like test firing.

The Way: Breads in pics

Breakfast! Has to be your favorite meal of the day — nothing less will do — for you need the most fuel first! For most of you a high carb breakfast is fine, so I’ll refer back to my Steel Cut Oats post for the makings. Here’s the breads in a finished form, if you’re not worried about carbs — which I wasn’t until it came to my attention — you start with the oats and then pack them with a grain like corn meal which makes a really nice finish:



Now we’re onto low carb breakfasts all the time, using a lot more eggs, a lot less grains and potatoes, this is the ultimate method because I’ve figured out how to use primarily vegetables to sub for the grain ingredients and decrease the carbs by nearly whole measure. This also great because there’s no danger in pan frying them crispy! In the breakfast breads go beets, beet greens, kohlrabi, zucchini, carrots, chard or kale sometimes. Fruit is great, I use orange and carrot pulp, otherwise an apple cut up, and a few flame raisins are a must. These have the addition of prunes. If you are one of the lucky ones to have nuts, as we were given 50lbs of almonds, nut flour is incredible in these breads:BakedBreakfastBread


Onto the dinner hour. Cabbage veggie breads are the latest fad for me. Kohlrabi is good, beet greens, kale, chard basically any veggie that can be shredded or minced including leaves like spinach that can be added as well as onions which get added after. All the healing spices with the addition of fresh turmeric now:



And here they are baked:


In between times there’s one great frittata after another! Anytime meal, du jour! This one features the salmon I recently posted and some local goat cheese. These range from lasting between one and three days depending on how much I beef them up with veggies. The prettiest ones get scarfed down quite quickly:


The Way: Salmon

I have finally figured out how to make lox! Only even better, with a whole fish. Smoked inside the woodstove. Brined thoroughly in sea and Himalyan salt, and the staple pomegranate vinegar. Now the woodstove smoking is amazing. I cooked a chicken in there and the meat was preserved in a soup in the fridge for over a month. More than that it’s clearly making more protein bio-available in this form. In two meals of about 2 cups of salmon total I am stuffed, no other method has given near that much protein. Those of you with good grills with a thick iron hood can do what I’m doing here. The salmon goes up on a V rack. I grilled the tail this morning in the stove, a quick brine and then grilled medium hot. Linda had a portion of egg and salmon minced kale frittata for breakfast and another for lunch. For dinner we had more minced kale sauttéd in the pomegranate vinegar with salmon of course. Ummhmmm good! SalmonWoodstoveSmoked

The Way: braised hot salad

Contrary to my experience all my life with raw salads I’m aware that there are people who won’t eat much of anything raw. Here where the greens are plentiful it’s most common to just see a big salad cold. Before I’ve detailed how Linda won’t each much fresh greens cold. Of late though I’ve been doing a little sardines with some tomatoes in the pan with my homemade mayo. Tonight a great addition became apple which Linda similarly is much more inclined to eat. I braised a little more shallots and arugula in with mine. Coconut oil added and topped with pomegranate vinegar, heated hot, tossed over a bowl of fresh greens. BraisedSalad

The Way: less carbs

If you take the title of this post as “the way less carbs… method” that’s the salient notion. After two days of an aggressively hyper-delusional state it was time to pull out all the stops to get Linda back to a happy norm. It really is incredible to even say that is the norm, as formerly that hyper-delusional unhappiness was a common part of daily life, I wrote about the “tough afternoons.” Fortunately that has been mitigated by majority. Similarly, the less that goes on the less I will tolerate of it, and thus seek more and more remedies, endlessly. Life is the proverbial bitch when she’s in that state.

That said there are times when all my remedies won’t work. There isn’t enough CBD oil at the price of the stuff ($60 for 15ml) to use it solely. So I’ve really focussed on cutting out carbs as this is one way that’s known to help with AD. Both my dinner and breakfast breads are down to very little carbs and mostly veggies. For instance the breakfast bread I made this morning uses zucchini, beet and greens, carrot, egg and coconut oil, thickened with a cup of cornmeal and xanthan gum, and it is delicious. One advantage of taking out the carbs is that I can get them crispy in the coconut oil pan baking on the woodstove.

Sum total the combination of methods worked fairly well. Noting that less carbs doesn’t mean no carbs, a banana and peanut butter – my childhood “candy bar” – is still on the table. Peanut butter is a relatively low carb food however.

To get into the science just a bit the salient point with carbs is that we can turn them into glucose and/or sugars to run the body basically. The brain needs more specific carbs to do this however, ketones, as they are known. Alternatively the brain can extract ketones from fats when carbs aren’t available. Enter coconut oil – with it’s ketone properties – a medium chain triglyceride that can substitute for the glucose the brain would otherwise use. For the healthy body’s use of carbs here’s a good explanation.

So with AD we know the brain loses the ability to use that glucose, thus the alternative method of converting fats into ketones is the only way to survive. In the last few days I’ve seen just why carbs can be so harmful if they are abundantly unprocessed in the body. Basically the brain’s inability to extract the glucose seems to send the body on an endless quest to do so, ultimately causing the body to attack it’s own tissues.

What I’ve seen with Linda is that when she has a very simple breakfast with almost no carbs, the ease at which she moves after is indicative of the lack of struggle within the body, and it’s that struggle that I know is primarily responsible for the delusions. Alternatively if there’s a lot of carbs in the meal she has more trouble in her movements, and in general, it leads to frustration, which leads to delusions.

Breakfast being close to midday this is the critical meal, as it is for everyone, but in Linda’s case it means a good dose of coconut oil, which there is in all my breads, and a low carb meal.

The Way: CBD

The top is popped, literally, on an 18:1 CBD/THC spray, and the results are nothing short of miraculous. To better understand the host of medical conditions this non-psychoactive part of Marijuana can remedy take a look at this SC labs chart. I am here to testify of the power against delusions. Delusions which ran so rampant and intense nothing else I tried could really offer any relief to the obvious pain and frustration Linda was feeling — and expressing — in whatever way her imagination divined to blame.

Consistently over the last four months — particularly for the first two — I administered doses of the CBD spray tincture, on various pieces of food such as inside a prune or on an apple. While the results weren’t always immediate, eventually the remedy took hold and the delusions calmed. Furthermore the repetition of delusions lessened, which is the whole key to stopping them in the first place.

CBD seems to break the chain reaction in the mind that spawns the delusions and diverts the mind — permanently in evidence — to a different course. I believe this is true to such an extent that this pattern of divergence, being a relief from that pain and frustration, is a learned function in the brain of even Linda with AD. In other words where once the mind finds a break, the body will lead back to that point again and again, infinitely perhaps.

Going back to the SC Labs chart you can see that THC is mainly good for pain remedy, and there’s no question it is. That said THC also produces an endorphin reaction otherwise known as getting high. Getting high inevitably means coming back down. Noteworthy that’s not the case with CBD, there’s no change in the mind from using it, only the body, indeed it actually sharpens mental focus by lessening the pain in the body, that includes pain in the mind. Now whether the high from THC is worth the come down, remains an open question in my mind. It is exactly that Aricept does, simply temporarily blocking the destruction of choline in the brain that cause a person to “be happy.” But the side-effects can be akin to coming off a high and feeling worse until the next dose. That would be my concern with THC as well, at least in strong dosages. That said there’s undoubtedly a way to similarly use a limited amount of THC as CBD to get the pain relief from it. This article makes that claim.

What I can say about Linda, is that her sixth sense is still functioning just fine, especially now that her whole rational existence is being processed by her subconscious. What that means in terms of using a remedy like this is that she’s able to recall it, and similarly anticipate, the calming reaction, even without the actual dosage. Enough that I have not had to use the tincture outside of once or twice in the last month.

So ask yourself, what is better, a drug like Aricept that only temporarily slows the destruction of the brain or one that teaches the brain to seek an alternative. The answer, with all pun intended, is a no brainer!  Meanwhile other avenues of interest pop up such as music, listening to all those 40’s hits, and getting a good dose of my drumming and strumming at night, music is a constant source of alternative entertainment. Also the animals, dog, cats, chickens, are a consistent source of interest for Linda. All of these interests she finds instead of the delusions which formerly were like clockwork, rampant in the afternoons, every day.

The Way: Proof

They say progress never comes without a great price, even writing this line a week ago has ushered more price, than the few serious injuries I had to heal to get to writing this. Another flu bug, ear infection, beaten, for both Linda and I, quite something to get through it over the course of 5 days. This time I had the addition of juniper berries to battle the flu, added to my veggie bread, post coming soon. Along with the staple pomegranate vinegar, star anise, thyme, asafoetida, garlic, onions. It is truly amazing how effective these spices can be. I drink the pomegranate vinegar daily with water and lemon, in a very small concentration, increased in times when there’s crud around. Also adding a star anise pod to that mix makes a very potent medicine. I would bet that a straight marinade of star anise and pomegranate vinegar is more powerful than any commercial flu remedy. Go further with a little thyme, juniper berries, garlic, onions, in the vinegar to make a great flu preventive, and a delicious salad dressing.

Now, onto the proof of symptom reversal. There’s one unanimous craving I’ve seen and read about with AD: sugar. It’s entirely logical that the missing ability to process glucose would make the body crave sugar, like the addict to the drug, it’s almost instinctual to know, to want that response from sugar. However, we also know that sugar does nothing but more damage as it just increases the addiction. I use the example of seeing my dad – fully debilitated – by the disease, when we brought him a birthday cake. Having never been one to like sugary foods, he devoured half of it just sitting there. If we had asked him what it was he wanted in that cake he wouldn’t have been able to even fathom the sugar.

Linda however has much more reticence of sugar, and we have a minuscule amount of sucrose sugar in our diet. If I give her something like a sweet date, or juice, she very much recognizes the sugar and will remark that it’s “very sweet.” That in itself is not remarkable, she’s not now and may never not be as bad as my dad was with his MTBI brain trauma, accelerated AD.

So the proof that her sugar craving is not absolute, in this case, is in the peanut butter. The price for peanut butter has limited my buying it for one thing, when I do it’s unsalted, only significant in that salt can be a craving as well obviously. So I did get the conventional TJ’s peanut butter again of late because it really does make a nice addition to things like yams, peanut butter and yam can be a meal. Now with this peanut butter in the fridge Linda was absolutely smitten with it. Extolling it with the highest praises, pulling it out herself to just eat it by the spoonful. Ironically PB is not bad at all in terms of carbs and sugars, the main problems with AD, obviously there’s reason to limit that intake somewhat for fats, so I do. The desire for this PB is so intense that she’s gone to the lengths of taking it out of the fridge and burying it elsewhere, where neither of us can find it (such is the case now but the PB was one a quite old one I found unopened). Before this jar I bought a tub of fresh grind mixed nut butter from Andy’s. Unlabeled on that tub was the presence of honey, in honey roasted peanuts. I noticed that extra sweetness right off, and as we went through the tub it became more obvious. To my taste it was delicious, I actually found it quite addicting, for the honey sweetness. I helped myself to it as I thought that Linda would find this mix so addicting as to crave it for the sugar.

What I found was quite the opposite, she liked the sweet mixed butter, but clearly not nearly as much as the unsweetened, unsalted. Clearly not as much as even I felt the craving. She wasn’t willing to pull it out of the fridge, didn’t covet it, didn’t laud it with nearly as many compliments. I was truly flabbergasted by this, tasting something addictively sweet to me, just about every example of such in cookies and candy that Linda has had, she’s been the same, but not this. She wants the raw protein rich peanut butter more. Noteworthy that although Linda does love these cookies, she won’t go so far as hunting them down and coveting them, so she doesn’t have the pure addiction.

Now the why, my theory on the coconut oil replacement, detailed previously on the blog, has been that if it supplants the glucose in the brain, then it should decrease the sugar, glucose craving, potentially in favor of the healthy protein want. Make no mistake that sugar craving is one of the worst facets of dealing with AD, it leads to mood instability, depression, lust, confusion, a lot of issues. The fact that Linda doesn’t have this craving for sugar over protein – now proven – is a huge piece of progress for us. It’s so palpable I would venture to say there was a time in the past where the sweeter nut butter mix would’ve been the preferred choice, now it’s not, because of the coconut oil.

One might even confer from this, that the craving for sugar, over protein, could be a major decline in the overall health and well being of the typical AD sufferer. If the person literally forgets about the need for protein in favor of the lust for sugar, it’s logical that could lead to major problems. Linda on the other hand eats very well, balanced meals, even getting a good amount of veggies in the bread, and that is where we leave off here, to be continued soon!

The Way: Rad Discovery

I am a fruit junkie, self confessed, through and through. I can eat myself way over what’s a good fructose limit of around 25g in a heartbeat if I don’t watch it. But here’s a very interesting factoid: coffee detoxes the liver of fructose, which is where the actual problem occurs, in the liver.

Ah, so it’s a little later in the evening, I’m still craving that sweet fruit, usually an apple. Tonight there was some spiced coffee (see the last post) left over. So I had my apple with the coffee and it was fantastic. Basically I drank the coffee first and then eat the apple.

Normally I never have caffeine with food as it does degrade the value you get from it but I had the thought in this case that the fructose detox might actually add to the flavor of the apple and indeed it did. For that much flavor increase I can’t believe there’s harm in it.


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