The Way: Be Free

This is a blog I am writing to document my learning on the ways of fighting free radical damage specifically in the area of the mind. Having no formal medical training I am simply using information available to us all. In so doing I hope to further the advancement in the ways of prevention for free radical diseases such as Alzheimer’s Disease (AD).

A bit of my story. Memory science has always peaked my interest. Back in the eighties when very little was known about Alzheimer’s type dementia it was fascinating to me what Joan Minnenger had to say about the disease in her 1984 book Total Recall (one of the most popular books on memory of the time). She identified a loss of the substance choline from the brain in AD patients, many years before it was known for certain that the real effect of AD is to erode the very acetylcholine that is essential for neuron functioning.

In 2002 my father died with an acute form of AD, brought on by trauma to his brain.  The last time I saw him was 2001 at his care facility in San Bernadino, a long trip from my home in Northern Sonoma County. At this time my interest again was active in studying AD. Particularly because this acute form my dad suffered from is yet another realm of unknown within the AD spectrum. Still today there isn’t a clear understanding of how trauma affects the brain differently than non-trauma AD cases.

Now my mother is suffering from the Late Onset form of AD (LOAD) and I am her caretaker. My interest is reinvigorated to the max – so much so I need a place to write down what I’m learning – that’s where this blog comes in. With the hope that others may appreciate my task.

My mission is akin to many others certainly- although I do believe my task is limited by a force greater than Nature. Many people who encounter AD do so when their intellect has failed to the extent of eliminating their rational for understanding it. Perhaps this is by subconscious choice in some cases. My mom is a farm girl born and bred with a stubbornness that belongs in Ireland; though she’s not Irish she’s the most strong willed person I know.

What this means for her, taking pills, is so unreliable a way to medicate that it has to be basically ruled out. There’s no way to convince her that a daily regiment is necessary, nor will she take them on anybodies (including doctors) say so. She takes what she wants to take of normal good vitamins and supplements, I might get in one or two of what she really needs beyond that, but no more. Those are the parameters I have to work within. The ironic thing is that my mother has always had the ability to eat: anything. Raising five kids will do that to you apparently. So you will see on this blog how I have crafted food as her medication. It isn’t the most complete – but it is The Way – that makes it the best and it is effective.

I am a believer in Natural plant based medications only for this disease, all the best remedies for AD come from Nature. More than just a metaphor, on this blog you will find that flower power has a keen healing role against AD.

The pharmaceutical industry is so corrupt it cannot help many really. But in this case specifically you will see example of example of cases where drugs are being debunked (after billions in sales). Generic forms coming out at ten times the original strength to a massive protest from many consumer groups (because the side-effects from even the original dosage have not been completely identified). So if you feel like me that BigPharma can go take a flying leap and you want a totally alternative way to care for a person with AD, read on.

Most of you reading this know my mother Linda, you may know that her story has been fraught with loss, loss she’d just assume forget. There’s plenty of reasons in that loss, along with the technical reasons, for AD. She is not reading this beyond what I might show her of it.

I truly encourage people to add comments, if you do leave me a comment with a message to give to her I will, or if you want to make contact with her I will email you and try to arrange that as she doesn’t drive. I am a big believer in the concept in Zen Buddhism known as The Way, every post I put up here has some spiritual significances. You will get many opinions, many heartfelt pleas and a lot of Natural Medicine.

Please note as of March 2013 Linda’s phone has been disconnected. The number is now mine which is listed, otherwise just leave a comment below and I will email it to you.  Let me know ahead of time and I can likely make it happen.

The Way: Making Caramel

Envision a sweetness unlike any you’ve ever tasted before but this is not a yam, nor any heavy carb item that will caramelize easily, this is a delicious yellow-orange fleshed vegetable. The final results look like this: Butternut

Nothing–and I do mean nothing–will caramelize as easily as natural wood coals, Oak in this case is a wonderful wood. As is Ash, probably the best all around, then Apple, then all your various meat related hardwoods like mesquite, but in my ranking, the wood from our region her in N. Ca is exceptional quality cooking wood. In basically the same latitudinal region in Italy, same climate as us in N. CA, are famed for their charcoal making families. There’s a certain density to our wood that’s superior. Here’s my setup, a dual French loaf, cast iron pan (Yes you could do this in an oven with varying results depending on how hot you can get your oven):ButternutSide
I can fit both halves of the squash in each loaf side, sideways works well, slightly arched over the top, but getting the heat exactly parallel with the side is the goal, accomplished on the left side as you can see the top is black.ButternutSide1
The right side squash I flipped at the end to really get the carmel on both sides: ButternutSideCloseup

So I encourage all who dare to find a similar way to do this on just a standard BBQ, no grill, just the fire pit, you can buy chips, the rack you choose, as simple as a couple small V-racks could work, anywhere a little natural wood smoke is allowed, which really should be everywhere, but for the other pollution…

The Way: Sourdough Pancakes

Never thought I’d be making such unorthodox sourdough pancakes. However, when you realize that frying high carb foods such as wheat flour based pancakes can have deadly results, it doesn’t mean there’s no way to do it.

The biggest discovery is that the homemade almond milk which is really just nuts and water will start to ferment and form hooch on it’s own, and it gets supremely sour pretty quickly. In the fridge it’s about a week before it starts, so at room temp it would probably work in a couple days.

For this batch I used a beet base, flax seed and hemp protein meal round out the dry ingredients with a few eggs and some water for liquid. The bountiful delicious Madrone berries made this batch go wild, on the second day, the normally red color from the beets when totally purple!


They turned out so sour I wasn’t sure my fresh from the farmer’s market apple-strawberry-raspberry sauce would be a sweet enough pairing. But a tad of honey and stevia combined made it one of the most delicious of all my GF pancakes. Where there’s a will there’s The Way!

The Way: The New Solution

We shall call this one the double doggy dog solu! It’s so virulent against the bacteria it will kill anything outright fungal as well. When used straight the–TJ solution it shall be known as for Tooth Juice–will last over an hour and continue to be effective.

The idea of killing dental bacteria with a particle based mixture of liquid teas, tinctures, and coconut oil is the concept. The fresh and dry mixed herbs very much abundant in the solution form particles that can act as tiny little brushes in the mouth. The mixture is a kind of tasty paste reflecting the sweet herbs in in most, quite brilliantly in fact, as they completely mask the many bitter herbs.

By my estimate you could maintain a healthy mouth without the need for the dentist, if you pursue them to the fullest, straight and for at least a half hour, followed by brushing of some kind preferably but not necessarily. You can repair cavity damage, I’m currently doing that myself and it’s about the only methodology I would trust, but it’s better than drilling and filling in my opinion.

TJ solution is designed to be helpful even in the extremes of dental problems. If you embrace the philosophy that whirling small herbal particles in concentric circles in your mouth while a kind of cinnamon hot is accompanying that, quite pleasant taste, there is the solution. I blend the solutions to the right concentrations to get great taste especially if you like it chile hot–cayenne one of the most potent bacteria killers–that is the flavor I crave!

The Way: Spiced coffee II

We’ve had one yes, but two is much better than one, for breakfast and coffee, no?

Spiced coffee has evolved oh so well with the addition of Stevia, previously mentioned in the dental herb posts, along with a few other most killer, literally, spices.

We started with ground cardamom which is the most excellent of spices in coffee, like an orange liqueur, and to enhance that taste, orange peel. Ground fennel, cinnamon, nutmeg, star anise round out a nice grouping. Stevia to desired sweetness. Coconut oil adds thickness like a latte, homemade almond milk, that will foam when fresh, in Linda’s as well. café

The Way: The Juice (live blogging)

Here’s the proof — currently in my mind — the adaptations in the food and drink targeting the bacteria in Linda’s mouth. Here will be a track of the evolution of the process, with the mad Dude’s notes as well.

Stevia always tasted too sweet, a turnoff from the start for me… Today the revelation was that — too sweet — is the bacteria it’s killing. So for the evening round of juice time to stir up some magic in the glass. Grind: Cinnamon, orange peel, cardamom, fennel, Himalayan Salt (that is the choice of salt currently unless otherwise noted).

Success, she drinks 2/3 of it. Tempering: she throws out the remaining 1/3. However her attitude stays positive and in actuality the best way to do this is going to be steeping the mixture in an infuser, add the true magician Chamomile with warm water. That will become the standard liquid, juice added by measure for morning and evening, this will work, I can see the proof starting to form. Reason being: she’ll take the more stevia and salt by measure of her cavities, in other words so sweet and salty… and that sweet liquid will make her happy… and that is good.

So a tea comes, such a no brainer, chamomile, red raspberry leaf, oat straw. Two out of the three sleep aids. Added the grind above plus a little cacao, stevia to sweetness and salt to measure.

Ah tonight the improvements are monumental again mainly with the sweetness of stevia — my first love was as a sou chef so this is right up my alley — it will be this way everyday for awhile hence the “live” page.

So the tea is now: chamomile, oat straw, raspberry leaf, cardamom, calendula. With powder of stevia, cinnamon, orange peel, nutmeg, fennel added after. Tonight I added an almond milk made with cardamom and it turns into a fantastic sweet chai. For Linda a little more juice added to make her total intake for the day about half a cup which is excellent.

From here pudding is not far…

The Way: dental superfood

It only figures, every other methodology in treating Linda has come from the food and drink. The greatly abundant coconut oil in everything foodwise, and a liquid resveratrol in her juice. But the real amazing herbs for defeating the bacteria just happen to also be some delectable spices. One of the most potent defenders is hot spice however. Cayenne in particular with it’s latent heat delivers a punch that’s very effective in killing, but Linda won’t tolerate much of that in any form. So instead my focus is on some alternative, strong herbs and spices. Linda’s attitude toward taking care of her mouth is in essence more destitute than any other aspect of her health. She’s more than willing to let the bacteria go until whatever happens — no matter how painful it might be — my suspicion is that pain is a direct source of her delusions.

Cardamom is one of the most powerful particularly if you’re actually chomping on the little seeds, which themselves are comprised of even smaller seeds, and all of that spice kills bacteria. So now it’s a heavy dose of cardamom in everything. Also good is orange peel — more and more this spice looks to be the true cureall — between these two there’s a real potent base. Add fennel seeds, nutmeg, turmeric, salt, and there’s the start.

Now onto an herb so incredibly powerful it’s going to get the focus of my attention here and in reality: Stevia. The wonderful South American plant leaf that’s 300 times sweeter than table sugar and yet has zero g, I’m still marveling at this! Ironically I never really liked (though tolerated) stevia, mainly for the aftertaste, but the epiphany has come. That same aftertaste follows with cardamom, nutmeg, orange peel, very strong if you taste them straight. Basically all the sweet tasting bacteria killers do it this way, so naturally, in that aftertaste is the killing power.

Coffee had lingered down to almost nil with Linda even though without dairy milk the incontinence issue has also become far less frequent. Since the raw milk went away the problem was that in adding the almond milk and the cacao the coffee still was fairly bitter. Even with the maca sweetening Linda was not really drinking it down and the bottom of the cup would have most of the cacao and maca left (an expensive throw away now that maca has about tripled in price). Enter stevia, and the green bottom of the cup becomes visible! Stevia is so kind this way, an extremely powerful killer, and so so appealing to a person who essentially craves sugar, due to a lack of glucose — not nearly so much craving for Linda because of the coconut oil — but it’s still a palpable lack.

So as I’ve come to do in my caregiving the more intractable an issue becomes with Linda the wider approach I take. In this process — dealing with my own teeth was a blinding obsession I couldn’t see through — until now. I’m sure you’ll all take my word for it, wait for it, there’s a method in my madness (actually not very sure but believing wholeheartedly is The Way). Similarly, with my expertise in the culinary arts, now the weapons at my disposal are quite easily applicable. For example, the daily juice regiment has been a great organic apple cut with water nearly in half and the sweet liquid resveratrol added. It’s still a lot of fructose sugar (8oz of AJ has 24g fructose). In general Linda can handle the about 15g fructose I try to keep it to, but admittedly with the half juice half water plus resveratrol it was tough when you add real fruits that she does eat. Today marks the start of a new cup of juice, majority water, then about a third of a cup juice and the resveratrol, plus about a teaspoon of stevia.

So this is going to be the method for now — you really can kill the bacteria with kindness — there’s no better way for Linda. The problem with any solution I make is that it just doesn’t stay in her mouth long enough. Even one cardamom seed she crunches between her teeth releases more killing power than that solution would. So I need to see what I can do with this blitz approach before going further. There are signs it’s working, both the coffee and the juice. Cardamom in coffee is awesome, also almond milk.

I’ll go on and list a few more bacteria killers that everyone should be aware of as they are truly wonderful in the kitchen and elsewhere. Chamomile is one of the single most powerful, truly awesome. Cinnamon and cloves, both have a kind of heat that’s deadly. Lavender (similar aftertaste to stevia), sage and thyme (thyme is a remedy for a host of bacterial issues like the common cold). Peppermint and wintergreen (the latter makes up most toothpaste bases). Barberry, deeply penetrating in tincture form. Lemon balm is particularly wonderful to me as it grows abundantly around my home, I always thought it should have some use. Turns out it is one that makes the solutions smart, highlights the plaque and produces the strong bitter taste until you get rid of it. Pomegranate, in the form of vinegar I’m using in place of alcohol in the solution, to mix the liquid decoctions and oils.

To all of these herbs I add about equal amount of coconut oil. For the pulling I again cut the herbs with coconut oil about half and half generally. For myself I’ve found that I can increase the strength of the mix as I go and be highly effective. Sometimes it takes two or three pulls, but it really is the ultimate solution.

A tremendous amount of work it has been to get around to this point of understanding, always less is more the worse the issue is with Linda, she’ll only meet any stronger concerns for her with more abject resistance, and when it comes to getting inside her mouth there’s just only so much I can do. However, with a steady dose of the spices and stevia, there’s a good start.

There’s been some real boons in the diet otherwise I’ll quickly mention here, hemp seed protein — another one I always had trouble tolerating — but really it’s just such a rich protein source it takes my body an adjustment to it. Also flax seeds and flax seed meal. The advantage in both of these as staples in my dry flour subs? Low low carbs, especially the flax seeds, in one cup there’s only 49g of carbs and 31g of protein. They also grind into flour very easily. Other low carb foods these days are sprouted everything! I’ll get into this in the next post.

The Way

If anyone thought the situation with my own teeth wasn’t as potentially lethal as Linda’s — actually even more so — they would be wrong. Similarly I would not have undertaken the task with Linda had I not thought my need to be more imminent. Well here I am here to report, that an agreement has been reached between myself and the mutants (S. Mutans), that is that they are dead and I am alive– inside my mouth. This is a perfectly OK arrangement with them, as long as you can enforce it. In fact, without sucrose they can’t really live enough to reproduce and I have not had sucrose for sometime.

S. Mutans can form lactic acid with fructose which is harmful to the teeth but not as bad as the plaque which the bacteria make from synthesizing sucrose. Linda doesn’t get sucrose either so the bacteria in her mouth is less aggressive then it would be otherwise. Similarly this is the only reason I felt I could wait, similarly the knowledge I gained from completely cleaning my own teeth is invaluable and the only way I’m going to be able to remedy Linda.

For myself I’ve proven that the blade — with it’s dual sided blades — is capable of defeating any plaque that forms, with the addition of my tooth solutions. Ultimately the tooth solutions have proven to be the final remedy. The blade by itself was not capable, neither was coconut oil by itself, but add the solution to coconut oil and we have a victory. Often it’s oil pulling and then the blade.

Now my solutions have a majority of the known herbs and spices for combatting oral bacteria, they’re very potent. Some notable herbs are prickly ash, the bark from the tree, quite incredible with it’s tingling sensation. Also Barberry penetrates deep into the gums and keeps working even after I’m done pulling. From the culinary world comes some of the best however. Cardamom is one of the most powerful, as is orange peel, together they form a nice flavor base. Chamomile is incredibly powerful as is cayenne, if you can take heat it makes the solutions quite easy. Turmeric, sage and rosemary, thyme, calendula, and many more herbs all add to the solutions.

Healing spices gives a few more for the gums, amchur, the green mango skin, pomegranate, vinegar blends the oils and herbs. Now my solutions are coming out like a loose past, with ground up herbs in them. Once it’s immersed in coconut oil and pulled in the mouth it goes to work immediately, seeking out the bacteria and it is a no pain no gain process at that point. When the bacteria get threatened — particularly in places they have the strongest grip — they let you know about it with a lot of needling pain. Only today have I come to a resolution that I’m out of a lot of danger and into mitigating the problem. How do I know?

I know, as does every animal we have, because the solutions I’m making are so strong as to highlight the bacteria in various ways, currently it’s a sweet and hot solution that’s very bitter on the plaque. It makes the urge to get rid of that plaque and bacteria overwhelmingly strong whether with the solution or with the brush or blade afterward. Once it’s gone the solution becomes easy to whirl around with impunity. Cats and especially dogs are very sensitive to oral bacteria. Our dog ogles me with the blade. But it’s in the oil pulling that the real victory comes– quite literally the bugs are loose in the juice! I have seen the light in that the oil can literally pull bacteria from under the gums, around the crowns of teeth, particularly the thinner liquid tinctures in the solutions. No doubt in my mouth I am daily stopping the same assault that took out a wisdom tooth and ultimately my back molar as well. But I laid in wait for the massive assault that came and ultimately defeated them down to a point where I can literally feel the rims of my gums free of the bacteria in the oil solution, that’s the best we can do really.

Now I know it was necessary for me to gain the knowledge I have of this bacteria in scourging it from my mouth. Similarly along with that challenge has been finding the herbs that remedy the problem. I’ve come whole round on Linda’s problem to realize that it once again has to start with the food she’s eating and drinks she’s drinking. Look for this in the next post.

The Way: Magic Bullet Toothjuice

This is what Linda needed, a one shot concoction powerful enough to kill the tenacious S. mutans. I like to call this bacteria “mutants” as that’s very much their nature, a highly adaptive, illusive, hard to kill species. For example, in response to a manual toothbrush they can smooth themselves down against the tooth making it impossible to really get them out. Even with an electric it’s difficult, but the oscillation of the heads (they don’t spin continuously around) is fairly effective in prying them up off the teeth, especially when using something akin to coconut oil.

Something I’ve discovered recently involves the use of two products you would normally think would be food for the bacteria: honey and salt (Himalayan). However, when used in combo with coconut oil they act to highlight the bacteria, drawing them out to try to take the sugar and salt, at which point they are vulnerable to the slice of a blade for instance, or an electric toothbrush.

Yesterday however was a whole new revelation. I’ve gathered knowledge recently in many ways. Once on the way home had some plaque wedged in between a wisdom tooth and back molar that was killing me, and no remedies on board. I found a big stand of rosemary and got some tough stems to scrape in between the teeth, that did a lot of good, and I will use this same applicator on Linda. From a book Dental Herbalism I have picked up a host more herbal and spice remedies to make my “toothjuice.” Too many to list but the highlights being rosemary, neem, echinacae, slippery elm and turmeric, in a coconut oil base, with traces of honey and salt. Adding a few spices mentioned in the Healing Spices book, all in all, it’s a delicious mix, it’s perfectly edible, and the deadliest thing I’ve ever used against bacteria. It literally melts plaque–dissolving the bacteria. Not even flouride does that, it kills the bacteria but leaves them stuck in there, then the dentist pulls it out in chunks. I have a lot of theories on why this isn’t the right way to do it but I’ll just explore one here.

In societies where oil pulling is common, the dentist is rarely needed. Oil pulling cleans the teeth so thoroughly on a daily basis, the combination of that and an electric toothbrush is enough to defeat the bacteria. I add the blade simply because at times it’s much faster and also the most deadly weapon I’ve ever used at getting that bacteria out. I dearly love that blade, so much so she has a name, Charlize, or Charlie. The ability to sterilize the steel with flame–as well as the precision killing ability–are the reasons I trust that method over any other. Understand the blade is never actually cutting on the tooth, but rather separating the bacteria from the tooth, killing them. The design of the throwing blade is not to actually be sharp on the edges, and the point is well rounded, I keep her just sharp enough to engage the bacteria, but not enough to scrape enamel.

The blade work is paused for Linda right now, it was really in emergency that I went in to try–succeeding–halting two cavities on two of her back molars on the right side. They were stopped in their growing by a vigorous solution and some engagement with the blade.

OK so onto what’s going on with Linda. Well last night was the first time since the initial blade work I tried to do anything, really just searching for a solution. Once this concoction was made I got Linda to rinse with it. I noticed the back two cavities were looking better, stopped in their progress and regressing a bit. However a new one was starting to form between her front teeth. Amazingly, in just a single rinse, that cavity was vanquished, all that was left this morning was the buildup of plaque. I got her to rinse again and even got the toothbrush in to get rid of more plaque. I plan to do this every morning now, as the taste of the stuff is so delicious she’s not adverse to it at all.

In terms of the cavities she’s got my plan is to use the rinses to keep them at bay and the brush to edge them back. With this toothjuice there is visible regression every time. At the point where they get down far enough I will go in with the blade for the final removal. Bacteria know they can’t defeat steel, that can’t be said about nylon or plastic bristles, and as I mentioned, they can adapt to anything they can best. Without the oil pulling, or something to loosen the bacteria, no toothbrush is really enough. Once all the bacteria have been killed, any filling necessary will be done the way Humans have done it for millenniums: with bees wax.

Indeed many bee products are great for the teeth, so let’s hear it, and protect, for the bees! Get Monsanto’s poison off this planet! While I’m advocating solutions consider supporting this operation by buying some of this toothjuice which I do plan to start bottling, as it really is a better way, and yes, you use it as toothpaste, I’m working on getting it thicker into a paste.

The Way: without the dentist

Dentists, by and large in my experience, are a waste of time, I do it myself with a blade I’ve had since I was 14.

Of late I’ve added oil pulling and this is such a revelation there’s no question coconut oil is a huge boon to the teeth. Honey – with it’s antibacterial properties – also found can be used as a kind of sterile shield for the blade in spaces where cavities are present. Along with the coconut oil, neem oil in trace amounts also suspended in coconut, cinnamon and tea tree oil. This is highly effective, it really works in that it turns into a kind of jelly that will stick to the teeth, continuing to do it’s work long after initial application.

With Linda who has cavities there will be much more of that kind of application than actual blade work. Little bits at a time – that way the tooth will stay sterile – over time coconut oil can heal the wounds cavities make through oil pulling. So my theory is by applying coconut oil and honey plus sterilizing and antibacterial oils it can increase the healing time, I’m just about certain it will as the jelly will kill and sterilize quite rapidly, even more effectively than pure oil.

As Alex has expressed skepticism at the methodology proposed let me explain that part more clearly. First read this about what oil pulling can do. So understand that, over the length of time, swishing the oil in the mouth will just keep eroding more and more of the piled up bacteria forming a cavity until it’s gone. Linda will not do oil pulling, there’s no way to convince her to keep that much oil in her mouth for 15-20 mins.

However, a blade covered with honey and coconut oil attracts the same kind of bacteria, little bits at a time it will be removed and the other oils will keep the teeth sterile. It’s not about cutting anything, this blade was originally a throwing blade that I’ve since found to be the best tooth cleaning tool there could ever be, I’ve mastered the process with my own teeth and am very confident with it. It’s about being able to take out the bacteria without actually scraping the teeth.

Understand also that Linda is perfectly willing to let this bacteria go until it could well be fatal – I am not – furthermore it has been absolutely torturous to wrestle with this issue given that notion. I struggled through every step of deciding how to do this and more than once just broke down at her unwillingness to do anything about it. Please respect that.

I will keep chronicling the process here.

Onto the subject matter. We’re dealing with surface cavities here, 2 on the back molars of the right lower quadrant. However neither has a strong hold on the respective teeth. They have accumulated enough to be black but they have not penetrated the teeth yet. That was close to happening however and if it had I would not be so aggressive in going after them as that is a case where the tooth is basically either pulled or root canalled and crowned for a ridiculous amount of money. I know I’ve had it done – only after the dentist left a dead nerve in my front tooth that was broken by a baseball – excruciatingly painful for 6 months.

As the article linked above on realfarmacy mentions it is entirely possible to remove the surface material of a cavity and allow the tooth to heal itself. Linda definitely is getting the nutrition to do this, additionally no white sugars and little salt. But she won’t brush her teeth properly as most people don’t. Just running a manual toothbrush round in your mouth is doing nothing but spreading bacteria round, it’s not removing anything except the food bits. Bacteria has already extracted what it needs from that food.

The Way: AD Noise Pollution

There is an extremely harmful problem occurring in my community, affecting many around us and all the way onto the Seaview ridge: extremely loud target shooting, high caliber weapons, and compound explosives. It is so loud that while running a chainsaw with earplugs at a neighbor of theirs the sound of the gunfire startled me. They are doing this every weekend, both days, many hours at a time. About the health effects of such the WHO says:

Greater annoyance has been observed when noise is of low frequency, is accompanied by vibrations that contain low-frequency components, or when it contains impulses such as the noise of gunshots.

The results of annoyance are privately felt dissatisfaction, publicly expressed complaints to authorities (although underreporting is probably significant), and the adverse health effects already noted. Given that annoyance can connote more than slight irritation, it describes a significant degradation in the quality of life, which corresponds to degradation in health and well-being. In this regard, it is important to note that annoyance does not abate over time despite continuing exposure to noise.

We have a collection of bad actors that have taken up a firing practice every weekend, both days within a half mile of us, connected by a canyon that carries sound clearly. They have no regard for others around, even their own dogs. A neighbor of theirs told me the sound was loud enough to scare their dogs away onto the neighbors place.

There is a great anger in me over this issue as it directly, negatively effects Linda. She has a hard time simply going outside without suffering delusions about “bad people,” mainly “in the trees.” If all is peaceful I can usually coax her out of such delusions and she can just enjoy the weather. This last weekend – the first time the shooting was over both days – Linda cannot even be out on the porch while it’s going on. She hears the shots and immediately retreats into a hyper-delusional state of negativity.

The law that’s closest to affecting this issue is the Fish and Game code:

It is unlawful for any person, other than the owner, person in possession of the premises, or a person having the express permission of the owner or person in possession of the premises, to hunt or to discharge while hunting, any firearm or other deadly weapon within 150 yards of any occupied dwelling house, residence, or other building or any barn or other outbuilding used in connection therewith. The 150-yard area is a “safety zone.”

That law assumes people are hunting, this is not the noise of hunters which is really quite benign. These people are scaring every wild animal within 5 miles, adversely affecting every living creature that suffers the sound. Being a marksman myself I know that shooting the way they are, rapid fire, semi-auto guns, is not about honing skill, it’s about making that noise and substituting cowardice for machismo. Moreover they are blowing up a compound explosive called Tannerite, a legal substance to purchase but a felony to combine into the explosive.

There should be more laws on the books than there are governing this. Even though the Sheriff disdains this activity, he is powerless. I was told by the previous Sheriff in our area that at a certain family wedding, connected to this group of shooters, a plastic explosive was set off, illegally. This is a careless, reckless, bunch of narcissists. You could not do this to as many people as they are and be anything else but an uncaring jerk.

We will not stand for this, my family will stop this madness, which has never been in my community. My anger knows no bound–this a fight to gain justice for all creatures. I am looking for people to get on board with us. There are some willing to take up arms, I am not, but every other means of influence will be used. Contact me here or through email. Thanks.

Update post a conversation with the Sheriff: a small claims lawsuit over “disturbing the peace” is looking like the best approach to solving this problem. Linda’s reaction mentioned above was witnessed by a house guest at the time who bore the brunt of the aggressive delusions Linda suffered. That person is willing to testify to that negative reaction and detail how sharp the change in behavior it was.

Finally, look for updates here on the issue, feel free to comment, and thank you for reading this.

Update, Monday August 3: Last weekend there was no shooting, thankfully. In that this issue has immediate repercussions with Linda the potential for this activity to continue is palpable and troublesome, the inconsideration of just how many are people adversely affected by that noise is abhorrent. Veterans of wars, autistic or other mentally disabled people suffer greatly, two such persons are our neighbors, permanent residents. As such, if and when this continues my action will be swift with the audio recording equipment. If we can show that the noise is affecting people in at minimum a 2 mile square radius there will be ample evidence to show the disruption of the peace. Let me just be clear that my anger has not subsided – in that my gut feeling is this was just an attempt to let the issue die down – before the next barrage begins I will double my efforts to stop it by any means. So for anyone reading this who has done something about it, thank you, and for anyone who can and will, again thank you. Knowledge is power in this case too however, I have heard positive feedback from several who became aware of the issue from this post.

Sat Aug 8: there were shots fired today sounded like test firing.


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